Acciones híbridas en el paisaje: entre arte y arquitectura

explores and looks for innovation in landscape studies integrating Architecture, Territory, Urbanism, History, Arts and Social Sciences. These days it is vital to re-think the Architecture and be aware of all the possibilities of his expansive field. So, we tend to hybridize this and other disciplines. The Hybrid Effects in Landscape subject tries to interweave work, thoughts and operating skills of the architect to reinterpret the contemporary landscape.
AH/HA is integrated within the interdisciplinary research framework of the Cultural Landscape Research Group, G.I.P.C. since 2006.

This complex process proposed is made possible by a series of appropriating of the gaze of specific artists as possible “accomplices” during the research procedure. It is a process of extreme fragility and responsibility that let us to produce critical reading of the study “zone”. A short dialogue between art and architecture act as a key starting to extend an action which promotes the sensibility of looking at the landscape of our contemporary
AH is a laboratory on site. We will produce goings and backs to the site as a group, where we elaborate actions and cartographies, that will let us start new approaches to the cultural landscape.

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