Architectural Design Department
Lecture Series
for 2020/21:


is coming to an end

Thanks to all our great guest speakers:

Lydia Kalipoliti
Andres Jaque
Amanda Masha
Cristina Gamboa (LaCol)
David Gissen
Cristina Diaz Moreno
Efren Garcia Grinda (AmidCero9)
Kiel Moe
Roger Tudo (H-Arquitectes)
Dirk Hebel
Carlos Arroyo

All 5 sessions are now available in YouTube for your enjoyment.

You will hear from us soon, for the Series’ close-up session and also for the announcement of future events, including the publication of:

Argument #4:
Our House Is On Fire

Coming soon!!!

Nieves Mestre
Diego García-Setién
Javier García-Germán
Luis Basabe