Stoà Journal n. 2, Year I, Issue 2/2, Autumn 2021  [Drawings]


Abstracts: 30 th May 2021

Accepted abstracts will be announced: 15 th June 2021

For more information Call for abstracts here. 


They are interested in contributions that specifically engage with the following:
→ recognizing common traits in contemporary international experiences;
→ understanding and describing approaches and cultural references, as well as inferences derived from other fields, such as history, art, philosophy, anthropology, literature, geography, sociology and economics;
→ exemplifying, through their conceptualization, specific didactic experiences, capable of becoming synthetic and effective expressions of a teaching knowhow;
→ intertwining narratives and research, theories and conjectures, verifying the starting conditions by comparing them with the results;
→ tracing a limit that can be shared by the scientific community, within which to critically and tendentiously “position” ideas and (didactic) projects, in order to build a a recognizable system by substantiating the reasons.

Abstracts in English or Italian (max. 2500 characters) should be submitted to: