Place: University of Calgary, Canada / Virtual

Dates: June 28/30, 2022

Abstract: July 01, 2021 (early submission)



 ‘The Countryside’ – a polemically generic term Rem Koolhaas has recently used to reposition debates about our cities to those of rural areas. While posited as ‘new’, it is, in reality, a well established mode of thinking. Through notions such as the peri-urban for example, geographers, sociologists, architects, urban designers and regional economists have all debated the urban-rural relationship for several decades. Under this framework we are obliged to consider the city and its architecture on its own terms, but also address the ‘rural’ in its particular context and, importantly, explore the parallels and mutual influences at play.


Design + Planning – how are we working in our individual fields and across disciplinary and geographical boundaries

Society + Cultures – What voice do people and cultures have in design and planning practices and how do mechanisms for participation function

Art + History – how does the history of a discipline or place influence design and planning today, and what role do creatives, critics and commentators play in the debate

Infrastructure + Sustainability– how do the infrastructures we design and build impact people, habitation, sustainability and climate

Teaching + Learning – how we address issues of design, culture and community in our teaching approaches, projects etc.

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