Continuamos con el ciclo de primavera Edumeet’21 el lunes 15 de marzo a las 17h seguimos con el bloque temático: OTRAS ECOLOGÍAS.

7 minutes of intervention each ….. 30 minutes of dialogue, participate …….

Now that the classrooms – void of bodies – are meaningless, we travel to remote (or not so remote) places to learn from other universes, communities and spirits. In 60 minutes we visit Brasil, the indigenous tribe of Yawanawá to meet their female leader, remote villages in the North of Greece or South of Italy where groups of architects simply stay and be and do nothing, a public square in Getafe which is a school for those who look for energetic self sufficiency, and finally the Colombian jungle and the experience of the first self designed and soon self produced indigenous university.

The protagonists will take our hand and guide us into these classrooms which have no walls, but a ceiling full of stars and spirited learning souls.

With Ayara Mendo @ayaritapita professor of architectural projects at Architecture and Urbanism Faculty of the Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro, Christina Serifi (@christina.ser) Greek architect and urbanist based in Berlin, Maé Durant (@pezestudio) architect and urbanist, co founder of the all female architects collective Pezestudio and of the Zoohaus collective, and Hernando Chindoy, Legal Representative of the Indigenous Territorial entitiy ATUN WASI IUIAI-AWAI of the Inga People of Colombia. Our respect for them all.

17h. Presentations
17.05h. Lecture by Ayara Mendo
17.12h. Lecture by Christina Serifi
17.19h. Lecture by Mae Durant
17.26h. Lecture by Hernando Chindoy
17.35h. Questions from edumeet, questions from guests and questions from the audience


The event will be online: ZOOM etsamupm260

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