Primera sesión de EDUMEET disponible en YouTube.


Edumeet is a shared space around education that proposes to transform an academic congress into a hybrid, interactive, playful and enriching experience. The initial event on December 4th, in a debate-workshop format, will be conducted by Antonella Broglia. The event consists of a dialogue and the construction of a collaborative cartography that will serve as a guide for the spring cycle of Edumeet 2021. Each one of them will start with some inspirational talks by Atxu Amann, Berta Lázaro, Felipe César Londoño, and Enrique Nieto, including also a panoramic selection of researches and experiences received at Edumeet about transfers, methodologies and revolutions that cross the futures of education, university and reality.


  • Antonella Broglia – Presenter of Edumeet
    A passion for the stage in its many forms. Theater actress in Theatre for the People, spoken word in the virtual and real environment for clients such as the City Council and the Community of Madrid, the Royal House and commercial companies, TVE, speechwriting for private clients, presentations and moderations and teaching of all this in Maca, Master of Architectural Communication.
  • Berta Lázaro – Teamlabs. Universidad de Mondragón
    I have travelled through different disciplines to understand that learning is the best skill to live in this society of uncertainty; that organizations must generate an environment of personal and professional development; that companies are the instruments of social and environmental transformation for the improvement of our planet, and that teams are the spheres where to create, grow, learn and take care of ourselves.
  • Felipe César Londoño – Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano
    I am interested in exploring the intercommunication between design, art, science, technology and society, to expand the limits of understanding, to achieve a greater understanding of life and its complex phenomena. My academic career, around these fields, is focused on promoting projects that enable the development of new ways of communicating and understanding nature, in order to find new harmonious routes to inhabit the world.
  • Atxu Amann – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
    Polytechnic University of Madrid. In a vital trajectory of continuous learning, formation and estrangement, all its activities from its student stage, are linked to actions of social content, ideologically positioned and directed towards the struggle for a more dignified and just world in general, and of women and historically disadvantaged groups in particular. She proudly reconciles her professional activity with her responsibility as the mother of Juan, Jaime, Javier and Josetxu.
  • Enrique Nieto – Universidad de Alicante
    I am excited, provoked and stimulated by both the patriarchal condition of the university and the colonial condition of knowledge. I imagine both as places for resistance. I imagine both as solid entities in the process of ceasing to become something else through the desire and joy of doing it together.