EAUL invites applications from individuals with a strong teaching and research profile in the building sciences and materiality. This field covers the theoretical and concrete issues surrounding the constructive, structural, tectonic, mechanical and energy and building envelope systems that architecture articulates in a specific environment, including their integration into the project in creative and innovative ways.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate:

–  An advanced knowledge of constructive, mechanical and energy systems aiming at the adequacy between technical performance, architectural expression, materialization of the program in relation to the existing context, to the know-how of the workforce and to the materials, new and traditional, and their innovative technical and tectonic assemblies.

–  Recognized experience and mastery in the technical field of building sciences applied to complex, contemporary, ethical, eco-responsible architectural projects that are appropriately committed to the changing needs of society and its environment.

–  A strong interest in green building, energy efficiency and carbon neutrality.

–  A proven ability to transfer knowledge between academia and industry in advancing professional practice and relationships with suppliers and manufacturers through research and innovation.

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