Place: New Delhi, NCR, India / Virtual

Host: Noida International University

Dates: March 13/15, 2022

Abstract: June 30, 2021 (early submission)



Set in the context of the Indian government’s 100 Smart Cities Mission the Architecture, History and the Smart City conference seeks perspectives on the past, present and future of our cities. Given the current situation in India it has a special strand on technology and Covid-19. Whether it be Covid-19 tracking apps in Delhi, computational architecture of London, urban planning of New York, transport systems of Dubai or e-communities in Mumbai, it sees the role of technology in the creation and management of the built environment as integral to the modern metropolis. However, it simultaneously wishes to understand the myriad of non-digital issues at play today: social distancing in public space, the design of housing, the planning of commercial developments, the management of urban sprawl, and much more. To complete its picture of the complex future city, it also explores the origins of public health in the city, architectural and urban heritage, the conservation of ancient monuments, and the preservation of long standing cultural traditions. In the fast changing urban setting of the smart city it seeks a practical and historic understanding of the past and the future that can help today

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