Place: Bangalore, India / Virtual

Host:Dayananda Sagar Institutions [College of Architecture]

Dates: March 23/25, 2022

Abstract: June 30, 2021 (early submission)



The starting point for the Sustainable Architecture(s) – Humane Cities conference is a consideration of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how that relates to living through the current tragic situation of Covid-19 in cities. With over 80% of the world’s megacities projected to be in the Global South by 2030 it addresses the challenges faced by the region’s expanding cities: Covid-19, public health, informal development, grass roots participatory design, climate change, resilience, and more. It critiques sustainability from practical, cultural, health perspectives and more. It asks questions about physical distancing, global cities, post-colonialism and spectacle architecture. It examines the relationship between all these issues and questions of social equity and public health, whether it be in Mumbai, Beirut, Cairo, Rio, Lagos or Beijing. In a tragic moment for India’s cities it challenges us to connect questions often kept in isolation. It seeks to connect the work of the designers of our buildings, the planners of our cites, our policy makers at regional levels, and the governors of our expanding urban settlements today. At a critical moment it seeks to share knowledge on the most vexed and pressing issues cities in India, and across the world, face today.

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