El próximo jueves día 6 de mayo se abre el Ciclo de Seminarios dentro del Ciclo de Apoyo al Doctorado con la intervención del profesor Christian Schmid, con la presentación de un proyecto de investigación que ha reunido a equipos de cuatro continentes para construir un nuevo marco teórico y conceptual a través del cual comprender los procesos actuales de urbanización a escala planetaria.


Incluimos a continuación un resumen de la charla y una nota sobre el ponente.

TÍTULO: Planetary urbanisation in comparative perspective: Tokyo, Singapore, East Pearl River Delta, Kolkata, Istanbul, Lagos, Paris, Mexico City, and Los Angeles

PONENTE: Christian Schmid, ETH Zürich / Future Cities Laboratory Singapore (FCL)

DÍA: Jueves 6 de mayo, 17:30 hs. (duración aprox. 90 min.)

AULA ZOOM: etsamupm263


In the last decades, urbanisation has become a planetary phenomenon. Urban areas expand and interweave, and novel forms of urbanisation emerge. In this process, new urban configurations are constantly evolving. Therefore, an adequate understanding of planetary urbanisation must derive its empirical and theoretical inspirations from the multitude of urban experiences across the various divides that shape our contemporary world. Urbanisation has to be considered an open process, determined as much by existing structures as well as by constant innovation and inventiveness. 

However, in evaluating existing instruments for the analysis of urbanisation, we are confronted with many difficulties and shortcomings. New concepts and terms are urgently required that would help us, both analytically and cartographically, to decipher the differentiated and rapidly mutating landscapes of urbanisation that are today being produced across the planet. This talk presents results of a comparative study of urbanisation processes in eight large metropolitan territories across the world: Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong / Shenzhen / Dongguan, Kolkata, Istanbul, Lagos, Paris, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. According to the broad sample of cities brought together in this research, a specific methodological design is applied mainly based on qualitative methods and a specifically developed method of mapping. The main goal of this project is to develop new conceptual categories for better understanding the patterns and pathways of planetary urbanisation.

Christian Schmid is Professor of Sociology at the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich. He has authored, co-authored, and co-edited numerous publications on theories of the urban and of space, on Henri Lefebvre, on territorial urban development, and on the comparative analysis of urbanisation. Together with architects Roger Diener, Jacques Herzog, Marcel Meili and Pierre de Meuron he co-authored the book “Switzerland: an urban portrait”, a pioneering analysis of extended urbanisation. He currently works together with Neil Brenner on the theorisation and investigation of emergent formations of planetary urbanisation, and he leads a project on the comparison of urbanisation processes in eight large metropolitan territories, which is based at the ETH Future Cities Laboratory Singapore.