critic|all #3. Un-thology

This third edition of Critic|all Conference is the continuation of the objective set by the Architectural Design Department of Madrid School of Architecture to strongly support research giving also the necessary diffusion impulse to it. The Conference has gradually become a place of knowledge production and, especially, a place for international meeting from which to […]

critic|all #2. Out-onomy

In its second edition, Critic|all proposes as subject matter the reflection on the considerations that architectural specificity has kept in relation to the architectural discipline itself. Faced with a vision that believes that architecture cannot be an isolated medium, that is, autonomous – not only regarding social culture but above all, the social, political and […]

critic|all #1. Utopian-Pragmatism

As we approach the present, the ambiguity of the real escapes traditional historiographical classifications. In recent years, the difficulty involved in working in an increasingly ambiguous environment has resulted in an atlas multiplication that has awakened our desire to become collectors, whilst returning the leading role to history and encouraging examination of the taxonomies of […]