The Urban Condition // Sustainable Architecture(s) – Humane Cities

Place: Bangalore, India / Virtual Host:Dayananda Sagar Institutions [College of Architecture] Dates: March 23/25, 2022 Abstract: June 30, 2021 (early submission)   Call The starting point for the Sustainable Architecture(s) – Humane Cities conference is a consideration of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how that relates to living through the current tragic situation […]

The Urban Condition // Architecture, History and the Smart City, New Delhi

Place: New Delhi, NCR, India / Virtual Host: Noida International University Dates: March 13/15, 2022 Abstract: June 30, 2021 (early submission)   Call Set in the context of the Indian government’s 100 Smart Cities Mission the Architecture, History and the Smart City conference seeks perspectives on the past, present and future of our cities. Given the current situation in India […]

Cultures, Communities and Design // A conference connecting planning, landscapes, architecture and people

Place: University of Calgary, Canada / Virtual Dates: June 28/30, 2022 Abstract: July 01, 2021 (early submission)   Call  ‘The Countryside’ – a polemically generic term Rem Koolhaas has recently used to reposition debates about our cities to those of rural areas. While posited as ‘new’, it is, in reality, a well established mode of […]

Francisco González de Canales // lab#01 + lab#02

Lab#01 Práctica Crítica. Formulaciones y Reformulaciones Críticas. Lab#02 Crítica Práctica. Reacción o Modelos. 11’00 h. El Manierismo y su Ahora. Francisco González de Canales. Sala de Conferencias (3ª planta), ETSAM. Lab#01 + Lab#02. Miércoles, 12 de mayo. Imagen cartel: Villa Barbaro de Palladio, de Hen Magonza.

III Ciclo de
 Apoyo al Doctorado // Isabelle Anguelovski, Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability

El próximo martes día 11 de mayo se celebrará una nueva sesión del Ciclo de Apoyo al Doctorado. En esta ocasión contaremos con Isabelle Anguelovski (Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) para exponer un proyecto sobre zonas verdes y justicia social, del cual es directora ( Se trata de […]

Publicación del libro Phd Cult

Nos es grato anunciarles que se acaba de publicar el libro PhD Cult, en el que se recogen las contribuciones de doctorandxs y doctorxs aportados en torno a los Encuentros de Doctorado (antes PhDfest), una actividad formativa del PD en Proyectos Arquitectónicos Avanzados, a los que se suman reflexiones más generales sobre la investigación doctoral. […]

Call for abstract // Ground(s). Mapping, designing and caring: Towards a convivial society

Call for abstract titled Ground(s). Mapping, designing and caring: Towards a convivial society edited by the PhD program in Architecture and Design Cultures – Department of Architecture – University of Bologna. Authors must submit the abstract within 12th May 2021.  The authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to present their contribution to the International Conference to be held on 10th December 2021 in Bologna. […]

Call for abstract (IN)TANGIBLE HERITAGE(S) // University of Kent

(IN)TANGIBLE HERITAGE(S): A CONFERENCE ON DESIGN, CULTURE & TECHNOLOGY – PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE Themes: Digital Representation | Digital Design | Technology | Heritage | Architecture | Urban Design Disciplines: Architecture, History, Media Studies, Cultural studies, Art history, Urban design, Publishers: Intellect Books, UCL Press A conference considering art works, designed objects, buildings and cities as […]